Why Use Montessori at Home?

Posted by Edith On November 21st

Why Use Montessori at Home?

Montessori education is enhanced if you provide a consistency between your child’s home and classroom. This does not necessarily mean you need to put Montessori materials in your living room, but simply that you should apply the Montessori perspective at home.

The principles developed for teachers by Maria Montessori can also be used by parents. This helps set the pace and expectations for your child, as well as direct their attitude and establish limits.

By providing an extension of the Montessori classroom lessons at home, parents can supplement and promote their child’s self-education.

There are a variety of ways you can create a Montessori environment at home. These include:

  • Understanding a child’s developmental stages, and implementing age-appropriate activities
  • Making minor adjustments to the setup of rooms your child uses, so that they are conducive to your child’s independence and creativity
  • Encouraging your child to help with household activities
  • How to Create a Montessori Environment in Your Own HomePlanning family time that incorporates activities such as cooking together and reading together
  • Encouraging less television and more opportunities for communication between you and your child
  • Using Montessori philosophy when choosing types of toys and arranging them in the child’s room

The best part about using Montessori at home is that even if your child is not in class or has graduated from a Montessori preschool, you can continue to instill the love of learning in your child.

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