Turn off the TV

“Books are good for children and TV is bad.” This has become as common knowledge to most as the fact that fruits and veggies are better for you then sweets. But, do you actually know why this is?

The truth is, that if your child spends great amounts of time watching television, they are deprived of some very essential parts of childhood, such as:

  • Social contact and communication with families
  • Development of language
  • The ability to express their spirit
  • The closeness derived from family communication

In addition, excessive television hinders imagination, as well as reading and writing skills. When we hear someone speaking words, we create pictures in our mind. These mental images are necessary for reading and writing.

Children who watch endless hours of TV often never develop the necessary ability to form these mental images.

Along with the lack of exposure to some positive communication, children are often given exposure to some negative images and words through television. They may be exposed to violence, inappropriate, or disrespectful language and actions, fantasy and unnatural family relationships.

How to Create a Montessori Environment in Your Own HomeWhen you turn on television for your child, do you approve of what he/she will see? Is it consistent with your family values? Instead of resorting to television for entertainment, consider a carefully selected book as a substitute.

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