Presentation of Montessori Toys

This is part two of “Montessori Toys.” In case you missed it, here is Part I.

Presentation of Montessori Toys

Playtime is about more than just having a big pile of toys for a child to sort through. Even if they are wonderful toys, they need to be presented to a child in a way that he/she can fully appreciate the toy.

Storing Toys

Storing Montessori ToysWe recommend that toys are stored on neutral colored toy shelves because they offer the possibility of displaying a toy in such a way that it attracts and lures the child to it.

Each toy should be washed often and have all of its parts. If a toy is difficult to store or keep neatly on the shelf, make an attractive box for it.

Each toy that has removable parts should have a beautiful small box for the storage of those parts.

Keep it Fresh! – The art of rotating toys:

Toy rotation results in better use of toys. This way, children always feel that some of their toys are “new.” Limit the number of toys on the shelves to 8 or 9 at any one time. Remaining toys should be stored accessibly.

As the child tires of certain toys they can replace them with a stored toy. Of course, if a child asks for a “stored toy,” he/she should be able to have it.

Putting toys away

How to Create a Montessori Environment in Your Own HomeThis is something that must be formed as a habit.  It’s easy to form this as a good habit, but very difficult to break the habit of not putting toys away!

Encourage your child to replace each toy on the shelf immediately after he/she has finished using it (even if he or she plans on using it again later).

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