6: Take a Hike!…or Relax at Otay Lakes Park

Posted by Edith On June 20th


Lower Otay Lake (Photo courtesy of Flickr User Roebot)

This is the sixth installment of “12 Fun & Creative Things To Do In San Diego With Your Children”, which can be downloaded for FREE from MontessoriAmerican.com.

Hiking can be a wonderful opportunity to bond with your children, while also incorporating exercise and a close up experience with nature. A great place to go hiking with kids in the San Diego area is the Otay Lakes County Park.

The park provides a beautiful view of Otay Lake and the surrounding hills. It is a 78-acre park, and has long been a favorite in the South Bay. Otay Lakes Park provides some beautiful hiking trails that are suitable for young children. In addition to the trails, the whole family can have fun enjoying the:

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