11: Take an Old Town Trolley or SEAL Tour

Posted by Edith On August 29th

Seal Tour (Photo Courtesy of Flickr User VagueOnTheHow)

This is the eleventh installment of “12 Fun & Creative Things To Do In San Diego With Your Children”which can be downloaded for FREE from MontessoriAmerican.com.

Even if you’re a local in San Diego, you will be amazed at all of the new things you can learn about the city by taking a tour. This is also a fun experience for your child, and a great way for them to gain some first hand knowledge about California’s second largest city. There are two tours we recommend, which are both fun experiences for the whole family!

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12 Tips for Choosing a Montessori School

Posted by Edith On February 22nd

12 Tips For Choosing a Montessori School

Over the past couple of months we have provided tips about choosing a Montessori school. Whether you are familiar with the Montessori Method or not, we hope you have learned more about choosing a quality Montessori school that will provide your child with the foundation they need as they embark upon their educational journey. In case you haven’t read this information, you can download it as a FREE eBook by clicking the picture above. Or simply read on and we’ll give you a summation of our posts on tips for helping you decide if Montessori is right for your child.

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Get the Benefits of a Montessori School in the Comfort of Your Own Home

This is the twelfth installment of 12 Tips for Choosing a Montessori School which can also be downloaded as a free eBook.

Practical life exercises are one of the primary foundations of the Montessori environment. These exercises provide a range of activities which allow children to develop:

  • Control and coordination of movement
  • Awareness of environment
  • Orderly thought patterns
  • Independent work habits
  • Responsibility

Through practicing Montessori skills at home, children gain these and many other characteristics which can be attained through spontaneous, purposeful work. Here are a list of activities that you can have your child easily perform in your home environment:

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Montessori School Schedule

Posted by Edith On February 3rd

Don't Forget About Montessori American's School Schedule

Just a reminder to check our daily Montessori school schedule as well as our calendar. Why? Because in February is the enrollment for the next school year. This is when you have the chance to enroll your child in our award winning Chula Vista Preschool & Kindergarten. After February, you can still enroll your child but it is on a first come, first serve basis until our classes are full.

By enrolling your child in our early childhood programs for children ages 2 through 6, the following 4 enrichment classes are included:

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