12: Visit the San Diego Maritime Museum

Posted by Edith On September 12th

Maritime Museum (Photo Courtesy of Flickr User lori05871)

This is the twelfth installment of “12 Fun & Creative Things To Do In San Diego With Your Children”which can be downloaded for FREE from MontessoriAmerican.com.

If you take our advice and try out a SEAL tour, you will be boarding at the tour at the San Diego Maritime Museum. Although it may be too much to squeeze in a visit to the museum, and take the SEAL tour in the same day, the Maritime Museum is definitely worth coming back for!

This museum has one of the world’s finest collections of historic ships, including the world’s oldest active ship, called the “Star of India”. Although you won’t be setting sail on the Star of India, the museum has a schooner called the “Californian”, which can take you and your children sailing on San Diego Bay, or on weekend adventure sails to Catalina.

Maritime Museum was founded in 1948 by a group of local historians and maritime enthusiasts who acquired the sailing ship, Star of India, in 1927. The beautiful vessel is now fully restored, and is maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers and skilled craftsmen. The Star of India is sailed at least once a year.

In addition to the Star of India, the museum also has some other wonderful exhibits, including:

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