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Montessori in the Home

Posted by Edith On November 7th

Montessori Environment at Home

Once you discover the benefits of a Montessori education, you will likely want to replicate this environment in your home.

To help you accomplish this goal, we’re going to publish our newest eBook: How to Create a Montessori Environment in Your Own Home and you can download it for free, once it’s been made available in the coming weeks.

If you truly want to practice Montessori in the home, our 24 years of experience will provide guidance to help you with:

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San Diego Botanic Garden (Courtesy of Flickr User Cherbonsy)

This is the ninth installment of “12 Fun & Creative Things To Do In San Diego With Your Children”, which can be downloaded for FREE from MontessoriAmerican.com.

The child should live in an environment of beauty.” ~ Maria Montessori

Give your child the opportunity to connect with nature, as you explore this interactive garden at the San Diego Botanic. The Children’s Garden is designed for preschool age children, and features a dinosaur garden, a playhouse, topiary, and miniature garden railroad.

Throughout the year, the Garden features a variety of activities and programs for children, that will provide an enriching, fun, and educational experience as they explore the beautiful gardens. Children ages 1-6 will enjoy the “Seeds of Wonder” area of the Gardens. Here, there are ongoing programs which are free with admission or membership. These include:

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