Our Preschool & Kindergarten Halloween Party

Posted by Edith On November 6th

Each and every year we have a fun Halloween Party for the students at our preschool & kindergarten in Chula Vista.

But this year we decided NOT to hoard all of the fun and games to ourselves. Instead, we thought we’d share all of the cuteness with the world.

Of course, you already know how adorable your children are don’t you? It’s not like we have to tell you!

But for their aunts, uncles, grandparents and other relatives who weren’t present to witness this Halloween Party, we thought we’d make it easy on them to see all of the costumes and festivities!

We captured 64 photos and a handful of videos of your children in action as they sang, danced, and marched to a number of Halloween songs.

Okay, are you ready for the slideshow? HERE WE GO!!!

Many of our kindergarteners and preschoolers dressed up as super heroes, especially the boys. We had quite a few Super-men, Spider-men, Batman, Iron-men, Buzz Lightyear and the Flash. One of our girls was Wonder Woman!

We had princesses, dinosaurs, NASCAR drivers, cupcakes, ninjas, samurais, Minnie Mouse, a ladybug, witches, fairies, cowgirls, butterflies, bumblebees, vampires, and the list goes on an on!

The children marched to the Monster Mash and sang a number of tunes like:

  • The Jack-O-Lantern/Halloween song
  • Oh Once I had a Pumpkin
  • So We Made a Jack-O-Lantern

They even boogied-down to Here comes the Spiderman!

Of course, every parent wants to ensure that what ever preschool or kindergarten their child goes to, the child is learning.

But when we have Halloween Celebrations like this, the children are learning while playing.

Over and over again we recited each song until each child learned it and was comfortable singing it. So while they may not be learning Spanish, math, or science, they’re definitely learning about music, song and dance!

Plus, they were ridiculously cute in those costumes! You did such a great job of dressing your child up. 🙂

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Talk to you soon!


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