Montessori Encourages Love for the Natural World

Posted by Edith On August 17th

The Montessori curriculum believes that an early and profound love for the natural world is an important part of a child’s personal development.

This is the eleventh of 12 Ways Montessori Schools are Different from Traditional Classrooms, a free Montessori guide that can be downloaded from our website.

Dr. Montessori believed that nature possesses beauty, order, and harmony — all wonderful qualities for children to explore. Montessori students learn both from nature and in nature using lessons that not only contribute to an appreciation for the environment but also help develop a child’s motor skills and foster creativity.

A significant number of the learning materials in Montessori classrooms focus on the natural sciences and encourage environmental exploration, and many of our classroom activities are performed outdoors where students can interact with the native ecology of their community.

Students can take teacher-guided nature walks through the neighborhood surrounding the school, they may create their own composting bin or germinate seeds, or they might observe a caterpillar as it forms a cocoon and emerges as a butterfly.

When students learn outdoors and participate in activities that encourage a love and appreciation for the environment, then they become life-long environmental citizens.

As they mature, they will continue to carry this respect for the natural world into their lives, and they will become protectors and caretakers of our environment.

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