Prepare a Montessori Home Environment

There are some easy ways you can ensure that your Montessori home environment adheres to Maria Montessori’s philosophy, and provides your child with the opportunity to begin doing tasks independently.

Below are some suggestions for arranging rooms in your home so that they meet this criteria.


  • Hang mirror at child’s eye level
  • Ensure toothbrush and comb are within reach
  • Ensure towel, wash cloth, and towel rack are within reach
  • Provide step stool at sink so child can turn on tap & wash hands


  • Lower clothes rack and provide hooks in closet for hanging clothes
  • Provide a designated place for coat, shoes, raincoat, rubbers, etc.
  • Provide a bed that your child can enter and exit by himself/herself
  • Provide a small table and chairs
  • Ensure there is a shelf for books that your child can reach

How to Create a Montessori Environment in Your Own HomeKitchen

  • Have a designated chair at the table for your child
  • Have a step stool available for the child to get his/her own water at the sink when he/she wants it
  • Store sponges and towels at your child’s level so he/she can wipe up spills
  • Provide a low drawer that contains materials your child needs for actively participating in the care of the home environment

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