How to Communicate With Children, Montessori Style!

Posted by Edith On January 16th

Communicate with Kids - Montessori Style

Effective communication between children and parents is so important in formative years (and even into adulthood!) Here are some things to consider when communicating with your child…and of course, we suggest communicating in a style that Maria Montessori would approve of.

  • Do you listen with genuine interest when your child speaks?
  • Do you give him/her the opportunity to express interests, thoughts, and opinions?
  • Does your family include your child in daily life, trips, and social relations with other adults and families?
  • Do you insist that family members listen to each other, without interrupting?
  • Do you speak to your child in a series of nods and grunts?
  • Do you share thoughts with your child every day?
  • Do you teach your child at least 10 new words a day through conversation and reading?
  • How to Create a Montessori Environment in Your Own HomeDo you communicate the family values and morals to your child? (This is done through what you say and how you handle distressing as well as happy situations.)

By the age of six, children have adopted the family morality and attitude. Have you given him/her enough of yourself to last a lifetime?

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Also, parents…don’t forget that Montessori American School in Chula Vista will be closed Monday Jan 21st for Martin Luther King Jr day and children are off on the 24th and 25th for parent/teacher conferences. Refer to our school year calendar for more information.

Enjoy your 3 day weekend!


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