Art Enrichment Programs for Kids Near San Diego

Posted by Edith On October 25th

One of our jobs, as parents, is to allow our children to sample the different flavors of life to see what they like. Some children excel at sports, while others are artistically inclined and it’s our job to find out what subjects spark interest in our kids.

But if your child seems disinterested in a new activity at first, don’t give up on them too soon. We learned this valuable lesson recently at my preschool and kindergarten in Chula Vista.

In order to give your children different activities to explore, we offer four different enrichment programs:

  1. Spanish as a second language
  2. Yoga
  3. Music

The fourth is our art enrichment program and the subject of our story today. Since it’s inception in 2007, we’ve had a tremendous amount of success with this program because it inspires so much confidence in our students.

In addition, the atmosphere in this class is very easy going. The children are relaxed, yet excited to paint, draw, and learn about different artists. They are relaxed because we assure them that everyone’s artwork is different and that’s perfectly fine because we draw to express ourselves, and most importantly, to be happy! 🙂

This makes them feel more comfortable in the classroom. They are told that sometimes drawing will be a little difficult, but always do their best. Our motto in the art enrichment program is to never say “I can’t do that.” Instead, we say “I will try.”

One of our students who I’ll call “Hector” to protect his identity, is a 5 year old little boy who began our art history class as a very shy, quiet, and insecure child. He had poor fine motor skills and showed very little confidence in himself.

Hector seemed disinterested in art at first. His drawings were were rudimentary which reflected the fact that he didn’t think he was capable of learning new skills and yet he kept a positive attitude and he NEVER stopped trying!

Little by little as his skills improved, he gained confidence and started having fun. He loves hearing stories of different artists from his teacher and his parents would tell us how much he enjoyed sharing those stories and his artwork with them. Hector can’t wait until the next class where he gets to learn new skills and use his imagination.

I have to say that it’s truly amazing when you get to witness a timid child blossom right before your very eyes in a short time span. Instilled with a positive attitude that says “I will try,” he never gave up and transformed from a quiet and insecure little boy into a confident, budding artist at 5 years old!

This story warms my heart every time I tell it. Whether you run a preschool or you’re a parent who wants their child to try something new, art enrichment programs may just be the catalyst to help your child or student come out of his shell.

At Montessori American School, our students learn in a fun, positive manner which not only teaches them new skills, it also helps them to be more confident. If you’d like more information about our enrichment programs, please feel free to email us or call (619) 422-1220.

We’d love to help your child blossom before your very eyes!


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