Are the Teachers of Your Montessori School AMS or AMI Certified?

This is the eight of 12 Tips for Choosing a Montessori School which can also be downloaded as a free eBook.

When choosing a Montessori school, it is essential that the teachers are AMS or AMI Certified. All teachers at Montessori American have this certification.

Beware, that there is a difference between “training” and “certification”. Certification involves taking classes in:

  • Montessori philosophy
  • Classroom organizationand management
  • Curriculum
  • Manipulatives

During the certification process, teachers are required to write papers, make a manual which is a compilation of the Montessori Lesson plans, and pass tests.

Training can be deceptive. Typically, this should refer to taking the course required to become a certified Montessori teacher. However, in reality, anything the director of a school calls “training” is training. If t12 Tips For Choosing a Montessori Schoolhe school has a good director and is a “true” Montessori school, the training will be a course that leads to certification. However, if a school is not a true Montessori school, the “training” might just be a meeting where the ins and outs of a school are taught, or where the teachers read a little bit about Montessori philosophy.

Montessori American has ONLY “Certified” AMS and AMI teachers, so you can be assured that your child is getting a true, quality, Montessori education.

Looking for a Chula Vista preschool with Montessori certified teachers? Montessori American School is the preschool you are looking for. Our school offers many unique enrichment classes for your children which include Spanish, Yoga, Art, and Music. To find out more about how your child can benefit from the Montessori environment and teaching methods, contact us online or call us at (619) 422-1220.


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