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This is the seventh of 12 Ways Montessori Schools are Different from Traditional Classrooms, a free Montessori guide that can be downloaded from our website.

Montessori classrooms are intended to be exciting and fascinating places where children love to learn. We use natural lighting and soft colors, keep our spaces uncluttered, and arrange materials on open shelves so that children can access them easily. We believe that a harmonious, ordered, and calm classroom encourages learning.

Because we place such an emphasis on personal choice, Montessori classrooms are divided into different sections for various activities. There are quiet corners for solo learning projects and larger areas where students can work together in groups. A child might choose to sit for a time in the space devoted to peace and reflection or curl up in the classroom’s library on a soft floor cushion. He or she might investigate the Language Arts or Math areas for a lesson on vocabulary words or counting.

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