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How to Encourage Independence in Your Child

Posted by Edith On March 4th

Teach your child to be independentJust as it is important to help your child learn on his or her own, it is also important to allow them to “do” on their own. This not only instills a good work ethic, but also boosts independence and confidence that will help them throughout life.

To help a child do tasks on his/her own, provide them with these “3 T’s”:


A child often needs time to figure out a new concept or learn a new task on their own. Be patient. Give them time to figure it out. Allow them to experience trial and error (as long as it’s not harmful) so that they can see why something works the way it does. If you see them getting overly frustrated, offer some assistance, but don’t “take over”.


Give your child “tools” that help them express their creativity, expand their knowledge, and encourage independence and self confidence around things that are of interest to them. For example, instead of toys as a gift, observe the talents and interests of your child, and give them tools that will help them excel in these areas.

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