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Montessori philosophy believes that choosing toys in a Montessori home should challenge a child’s interest and imagination, without being too difficult or too easy.

If your child destroys a toy, it is often because the toy is either too simple, too difficult, or is in a deteriorated condition. Toys should inspire a sense of joy, wonder or fulfillment as a child plays with them. (Of course, first and foremost, toys should be safe!)

Types of toys

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14 Household Chores & Activities for Kids

Posted by Edith On February 13th

There are many fun and creative ways that you can involve your child in everyday activities that will help them grow in their independence and creative thought processes. Below are some exercises that will provide a range of activities which allow children to develop:

  • Control and coordination of movement
  • Awareness of environment
  • Orderly thought patterns
  • Independent work habits
  • Responsibility

Even at an early age, your child can help perform tasks in your home environment, such as:

Scrubbing sinks

Small sponge or scrub brush and a small can of cleaner with only one hole uncovered.

CAUTION: Store the cleanser out of the child’s reach. With younger children, you can apply the cleanser and they can help scrub. Or, for older children, they can apply the cleanser and do everything themselves while you just supervise.

Helping unload groceries

Place grocery bags on the floor. Let your child hand you items, or let them put things away that are within their reach. CAUTION: Be mindful of cans or other items that are too heavy for a child.


Materials: Colorful flannel cloths (cut 6”x6”), small baby’s hairbrush, and a place to put the dirty cloth. Start by showing your child the dust and asking if he/she would like to be a helper. Show him/her how to wrap the cloth around his/her fingers and slowly, carefully wipe away the dust. Show him/her how to change the position of the cloth as it collects dust. The brush can be used to get into carved furniture, nooks, and crannies.

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