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Turn off the TV

“Books are good for children and TV is bad.” This has become as common knowledge to most as the fact that fruits and veggies are better for you then sweets. But, do you actually know why this is?

The truth is, that if your child spends great amounts of time watching television, they are deprived of some very essential parts of childhood, such as:

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How to Communicate With Children, Montessori Style!

Posted by Edith On January 16th

Communicate with Kids - Montessori Style

Effective communication between children and parents is so important in formative years (and even into adulthood!) Here are some things to consider when communicating with your child…and of course, we suggest communicating in a style that Maria Montessori would approve of.

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Montessori Reading Materials

Reading with your child is one of the most important things you can do to help them develop their reading and language skills and to encourage imagination. It’s also a wonderful way to spend quality time together.

Montessori Reading Materials & Types of Books to Read
For children under four years old, true stories are a must. Very young children devote their energy to exploring, ordering, and classifying their real environment. Make-believe or fantastic stories can confuse this important work.

Young children are interested in stories about:

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