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Prepare a Montessori Home Environment

There are some easy ways you can ensure that your Montessori home environment adheres to Maria Montessori’s philosophy, and provides your child with the opportunity to begin doing tasks independently.

Below are some suggestions for arranging rooms in your home so that they meet this criteria.

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During social development, children go through three primary stages:

  1. The child will perform activities for themselves and his or her inner needs
  2. The child will occasionally perform tasks when asked. At this point, the child begins to control his or her will
  3. The child will perform tasks anytime he or she is asked, or whenever he/she sees a practical need for it (approximately 1 to 1 1/2 years later)

Believe it or not, children have an innate desire to “work” (or be helpful with tasks). From the vital work of building a man or woman, the child derives the joyfulness that comes from “learning through discovery”.

The most important aspect of a child’s personality and intellect develop through participation in the everyday life of the family. These include:

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